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Jamie Greenwald  


31 years of experience. Jamie was a Managing Director at Morgan Stanley in charge of the Global Structured Products Business and Global Product Innovation team within the Equity Division for over ten years. At Morgan Stanley Jamie was also in charge of the equity division’s IP portfolio, global cost management, headcount reduction programs, and certain new technology initiatives. Jamie was based both in New York and in London during his decade with Morgan Stanley. Before Morgan Stanley Jamie lead the Merrill Lynch Institutional Derivative and Structured Products marketing team in the USA (1990 through 1995). Prior to Merrill Lynch Jamie began his career at Bankers Trust as a multi-asset class structured-product development specialist (1986 through 1990). Jamie currently is on the board of several private companies including a Singapore-based hedge fund where he was a co-founder. Prior to Metaurus Jamie invested in global equities, currencies, equity options, commodities, and commercial real estate for ten years with experienced partners. Jamie is happily married to his wife Karen and resides on both the East and West Coast.