METAURUS SOLUTIONS is a suite of strategies designed to change the approach to portfolio construction and achieve customizable investment exposure. They focus on unbundling and optimizing dividend cash flows, dividend risk premia, and the sources of investment returns.

We apply a “duration” framework to equity assets – similar to what has been done in the fixed income markets for decades. The approach effectively creates short and long duration equity exposures that may be a more precise tool for financial advisors and institutional investors. A proprietary, systematic commodity trend-following strategy may also help asset diversification.

The strategies can be implemented in public or private structures depending on the client’s unique goals and investment profile.

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Customize exposures to Dividend Cash Flow and Equity Index Growth

The Metaurus Dividend Multiplier Strategy is designed to provide a multiple of an index’s dividend yield in exchange for modestly reduced, yet uncapped, exposure to the index’s long-term price appreciation potential. The strategy has the flexibility to be rebalanced at any time. This approach can have the effect of changing an equity portfolio’s duration and dividend distributions and may also lower overall portfolio beta and volatility.


Harvest Isolated Dividend Growth

The Dividend Risk Premia Strategy (DRP) is designed to harvest the risk premium embedded in the expectations for future dividends. It seeks to improve a diversified portfolio’s expected Sharpe Ratio, with reduced volatility, and with low to no correlation to other assets. It can be deployed domestically or in a blended international approach.


Proprietary Algorithmic Trading

The Strategy is based on systematic, trend-following investment principles.  It applies proprietary algorithms and rigorous risk management procedures to establish position levels and dynamically adjust protective stops. This long-only strategy focuses on the most liquid commodities and may offset the effects of inflation.

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The Isolated Component Strategies unbundle indices into their two components of investment return, dividend growth and potential capital appreciation. We see it as similar to how bonds can be separated into principal and interest payments. These strategies can help investors isolate and reallocate dividend distributions to achieve a desired cash flow and return profile. The isolated sources of return can have very different risk and return characteristics compared to that of their overall index. The strategies can be used as stand-alone elements in an asset allocation or as an overlay to existing investments.

Isolated Dividend Component

The strategy seeks to provide exposure to the index’s dividend cash flow without owning the underlying stocks. Separately traded dividend cash flow (or dividend strips) can act like short-duration equity assets and have different equity sensitivities compared to the index.

Isolated Price Component

The strategy seeks to provide exposure to the index’s price-only performance, but at a reduced capital investment, by stripping away the current value of selected portions of future dividend payments.

Enhanced Dividend Overlay

Modernize fixed income or equity portfolios with an alpha generating overlay strategy isolating the dividend risk premia and prospects for dividend growth.

Constant Maturity Dividend Strips

Gain exposure to targeted constant maturity dividend strips, either through a systematic or active management approach, focusing on specific parts of the dividend futures curve and expectations for growth.