Video Resources

Video Resources

IDIV & XDIV informational video

Dividend Component Strategy

Metaurus Price Component Strategy

NYSE’s “What’s The Fund” interviews Rick Silva on XDIV*

Asset TV’s “The ETF Show”, Dividend stream as a passive investment – Metaurus’ Don Callahan

Metaurus interviewed by the NYSE’s Doug Yones on “Issuer Insights”

Maria Bartiromo/Fox Business interviews Metaurus Co-CEO Rick Sandulli

Isolated Dividends - Video Series

Prof. Jules H. van Binsbergen, The Wharton School's Nippon Life Professor of Finance, discusses Isolated Dividends (Dividend Strips) including their characteristics, uses, and benefits to a diversified portfolio during a Metaurus Advisors presentation at the NYSE in 2019.

Full Presentation and Q&A

Part 1 - Summary

Part 2 – Evolution of Isolated Dividends

Part 3 - Risks & Returns

Part 4 – Macro Bets on the Business Cycle

Part 5 - Inflation Hedges

Part 6 – Positive Alpha

Part 7 - Duration Matching