Metaurus Advisors is a financial innovator and asset management company. We strive to deliver unique investment solutions through patented technologies that unbundle financial assets into their components of return. This can help provide a more customized risk/return profile for both domestic and international clients. We take pride in offering engineered solutions in not only fund form, but in a variety of formats that can best suit a client’s unique goals.

Our initial products utilizing a patented index-splitting technology, unbundle the S&P 500 Index into two sources of return. First, an isolated price component providing stock index price exposure without dividend cash flow, and second, an isolated dividend component providing exposure to the Index’s dividend cash flow but without stock price risk. Importantly, as the components can be separated from one another, they can also be reassembled in various ways to best target investors’ financial goals. In addition, we seek to provide many other non-traditional investment solutions designed around our unbundling strategy that separate their risk and return characteristics.

Metaurus was founded in 2017 – the inspiration for which can be traced to the management team’s successful careers developing client-focused and outcome-focused solutions. The firm is a combination of professionals with decades of experience in equity and fixed income capital markets as well as in derivatives, banking, asset management and the insurance industries. Metaurus principals also pioneered the structured products platforms at Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and Wells Fargo.