Metaurus Advisors offers an array of innovative investment strategies built upon its patented approach to unbundling the components of investment returns allowing investors to access dividends and price return in isolation. The Metaurus team has extensive experience designing and implementing smart and effective portfolio solutions across multiple asset classes for all types of portfolios and investor profiles. Our strategies are grounded in academic research and supported by a growing patent portfolio.

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Dividend Multiplier Strategy

Structured to provide a multiple of index dividend yield in exchange for modestly reduced, yet uncapped, exposure to long-term price appreciation potential.


Suite of Customizable Solutions

Financial advisors and institutional investors can explore Metaurus’s Dividend Multiplier and Isolated Component Strategies, which are designed to unbundle and optimize the two sources of investment returns—dividend cash flow and price appreciation.

Learn how existing portfolios can be enhanced with our investment products or create a customized solution that re-allocates the timing of dividend cashflows. This innovative approach can help achieve an equity index exposure that better meets short-term needs without over-compromising long-term goals. In addition, explore how adding isolated dividend exposure to fixed income portfolios can diversify risk, enhance return, and help mitigate the growing risk of inflation. The strategies are available in a variety of public and private formats.


Strategy Resources

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