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Metaurus Advisors helps clients change the approach to portfolio construction through creatively designed, customizable solutions.

We strive to deliver innovative strategies that focus on isolating and optimizing the components of investment return and creating outcome-focused financial products and portfolios. Our team has decades of multi-asset investment and financial structuring experience.

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Metaurus Solutions

Explore our suite of customizable solutions that can be used as stand-alone investment strategies or as tools to change the approach to portfolio construction. We apply a duration framework to equity assets that is designed to re-allocate cash flows and components of return to achieve customized investment exposure.

The strategies are available in a variety of public and private formats for financial advisors, and both institutional and individual investors.

Metaurus Solutions

Dividend Multiplier Strategy

Structured to provide a multiple of index dividend yield in exchange for modestly reduced, yet uncapped, exposure to long-term price appreciation potential. The DMS can change an equity portfolio’s duration and dividend distributions and may also lower overall portfolio beta and volatility.

Rick Silva, Metaurus Advisors CIO, discusses the Dividend Multiplier Index

The Metaurus US Large Cap Dividend Multiplier Index – Series 400 is designed to provide:

400% of the S&P 500 Index’s® dividend yield & ~88% of the Index’s price return.

Learn about its key attributes, and how advisors can use the unique structure to meet their clients’ growth and income goals.


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