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Who We Are

Metaurus was created with two goals in mind – to bring sophisticated, outcome-focused institutional products to the broader investing public and to change the traditional approach to portfolio construction through creative design.

Metaurus draws upon the multi-asset investment experience and financial engineering expertise of its team. Our approach to optimizing equity returns passes through a disaggregating investment "prism" that is more familiar to the fixed-income and derivative markets.

We are an SEC-registered investment advisor and registered as a commodity pool operator with the National Futures Association.1 

Our History

Metaurus was founded in 2017. We introduced the first publicly traded equity market, "IO" and "PO" securities, that disaggregated the S&P 500 Index into isolated and separately tradable claims on long and short-duration cash flows. This prism-like approach to equity investing separated the components of total return.

We collaborated with a leading academic researcher, Wharton Professor Jules van Binsbergen, on his work in "dividend strips" to expand Metaurus’ strategic offerings. Our unique approach to disaggregating and recombining the components of equity return facilitated our partnership with a leading ETF provider and other institutional asset managers.

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"The Stone Age did not end because the world ran out of stones."

New approaches can affect change.

The ability to unlock returns with an unbundling, duration-like approach can benefit investors. We want to improve equity investing by changing portfolio characteristics such as duration, volatility, expected return, and Sharpe ratio, among others.

Metaurus sees increasing demand for its portfolio optimization and investment overlays as it expands its suite of investment offerings. We consistently engage with private institutions, money managers, and financial advisors on the flexibility of customizing their clients’ overall risk/return profile.

1 Registration with the SEC and/or NFA does not imply any level of professional competence, skill, or training.
2 Ahmed Zaki Yamani - Former Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources of Saudi Arabia